Women in Tibet and the Himalayas Videos

“Living in the heart of the Himalaya, Tenzin and Palkit have a strong friendship. But that relationship will be shattered by destiny. They both have to leave their village and family forever. Tenzin has to marry the man chosen by her parents, and Palkit wants to avoid marriage and to become a nun. Two adolescents in the Himalayas: one kidnapped by her future husband, the other head shaved as she enters the covent forever. Documentary: “Becoming woman in Zanskar” Direction: Jean Michel Corillion Production: ZED & France Télévisions”

“34-year old Sgrolmamtsho married Don’grub at the age of 21 (in 1993) without experience of housework, fieldwork, and fetching wood. Filmed by her husband’s younger brother, ‘phagspadon’grub, in Amdo, the film concentrates on the daily life of Tibetan village women–fetching water, feeding livestock (swine, a cow, a mule), milking, cleaning the stables, cooking, household religious activity, weeding fields, transporting manure to fields, fetching wood for fuel–along with commentary by Sgrolmamtsho about her life and family. (Rare insight into Tibetan village women’s lives. Tibetan soundtrack; English subtitles. 52 minutes. Color.)”

An Amdo Women’s Daily Live (North Eastern Tibet) 


The Relatable and Extraordinaty Life of Sera Khandro Dewé Dorjé

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