Tibetan Nuns and Yoginis Videos

This page has footage highlighting the religious roles of women in Tibet. There are diverse types of roles, such as nuns, yoginis, laywomen, mothers and consorts. This page features nuns and yoginis. Many of roles for religious women in Tibet are referred to by the same terms as nuns even when they are also classified in their own category as distinct from monastic life, however nuns carry vows that distinguish them from other forms of religious practice. The term “yoginis” often refers to contemplative specialists, or “ngakmos,”and “naljormas,” who may be contemplative specialists or practice Buddhism in lineages of Buddhist tantra.

“A very special video made by the nuns at Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute, located near Dharamsala, northern India. Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute is a non-sectarian nunnery located in the Kangra valley near Dharamsala, northern India. Officially inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on December 8, 2005, the nunnery is fully funded by the Tibetan Nuns Project and was the first institute dedicated specifically to higher Buddhist education for Tibetan Buddhist nuns from all traditions. Dolma Ling Nunnery is unique because it offers a 17-year curriculum of traditional Buddhist philosophy and debate as well as modern courses in Tibetan language, English, basic mathematics, and computer skills. The nuns also receive training in the ritual arts such as sand mandalas and butter sculpture. The nunnery was successfully completed after 12 years of hard work and the nuns themselves worked to help build the nunnery. The Tibetan Nuns Project provides education and humanitarian aid to refugee nuns from Tibet and to nuns from the Himalayan regions of India. It provides facilities and programs to educate, empower, and improve the status of ordained Tibetan women. The majority of nuns have endured great suffering to get to this hopeful situation.”

The Kung Fu Nuns

“In the inherently patriarchal Buddhist tradition, women are considered inferior to men. But the nuns of the 900-year-old Drukpa Lineage in Nepal are challenging stereotypes by developing exceptional physical and mental strength. These nuns are the only female order to practice the deadly martial art of Kung Fu. Video by Alice Carfrae Executive Producer: Camelia Sadeghzadeh”

Yoginis, A Tibetan tradition of Female Meditators

This lecture discusses the Female meditation lineages, they are some times called a type of Tibetan nun, sometimes they are classified in their separate category as Tibetan Yoginis, (rnal jorma, sngags mo) or as Togdenma (rtogs ldan) which means realized yoginis. Sometimes they are celibate ascetics and sometimes they are householders.

A Female Tibetan Oracle

“Khandro Lhamo Tseringma -(Tsering Chen-nga), Nechung and Gadong, State Oracles of Tibet. Rangjung Neljorma Khadro Namsel Drolma, who is more commonly known as Khadro-la, Long Life Pudja for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Kalachackra, Bodhgaya, India, 01 10 2012. Khandrola brings up to His Holiness Throne:, HH the Karmapa, HH Ganden Tripa, HH Sakya Trizen, and a Nyingma Lama.”

Yoginīs of Fire and Light: Gebchak Gonpa in Tibet

Use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxjwRMa_n8o


Tibetan Yogini, Naljorma Ani Rigsang, Terdrom, Tibet

Nuns in India Engaging in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist Dances 

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