Buddhism, Race and Colonialism in American Buddhism


1. Bell Hooks Lecture at University of Washington



2. Why Are White Buddhists So Angry? White Rage and Buddhist Studies Scholarship


3. Ann Gleig: “Undoing Whiteness in American Buddhist Modernism”

This lecture utilizes ethnography to talk about race and whiteness in American Buddhism.



4. Buddhism and Race

Addresses how scholars have ignored Black Buddhist writings and have participated in the racialization of American Buddhisms.



5. Being Buddha, Staying Woke: Racial Formation in Black Buddhist Writing

An interesting article addressing counter hegemonic discourses and its intersections with orientalism.


6. Theories of the Self, Race, and Essentialization in Buddhism;

The United States and the Asian “Other”, 1899–1957

A historical account of developments in the context of race, orientalism and colonialism in Buddhism in the “West.”


7. Contesting “Conversion” and “Reversion” among Young Adult Asian American Buddhists

Fascinating study of young adult Asian American Buddhists reflecting on the plurality and hybridity of lived experiences of American Buddhists.


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